Guy Goes Full Psycho and Threatens to Blow up Hostel

You definitely encounter some characters and odd people at hostels. The one I work at is no exception. I got a job as a bartender at a hostel bar in Darwin a few week ago and it has been both fun and interesting meeting people from all over the world. The vast majority of them are cool and interesting. Everyone has a story. But once in a while you come across a very odd person. I had such an encounter last night.

Before He Went Full Psycho

Last night was very busy for a Monday night. We did pub trivia with people from a bigger bar we partner up with. There was this really odd guy who kept asking me if he could pour his own drinks. I told him no. Later I was out retrieving glasses and ran into him. He asked if he could get another beer. I told him yes, when I get back. I returned to the bar a minute later to find the guy behind the bar, pouring himself a cold beer. I told him, “Mate what the hell are you doing? Get the hell out of here!” He acted like it was no big deal. He had also placed money all over the area where the beers get poured. I told him he was cut off.

I did not see him again until I was closing up. I went upstairs to retrieve cups and found him sitting by himself at a table. He told me he really needed medical grade marijuana and asked me if I could score him any. I told him I was not his dope man. I closed up the bar and went to the bar next door for karaoke Monday! I sang “Forever in Blue Jeans” by Neil Diamond, one of my personal favorites.

Going Full Psycho

I showed up for work the next day to open the bar. I started hearing about some guy who went full psycho the night before. I immediately thought it was the guy I had encountered. Getting behind the bar and pouring himself a drink was not enough for this guy. Turns out he was just getting started. He was definitely on something. Apparently he turned on the gas on all of the ovens and threatened to “blow the mother fucker up!” This was seen by a few people. He then threatened to jump off the balcony (which is only about 20 feet so he would have probably just broken his ankles). His next move was to throw his phone, hard drive and most of his possessions into the pool. I only wish I would have been there so I could have done a citizens arrest on this wacko.

I guess his next move was to go to his room and get some rest. There was an American girl in his room who told me what followed. Apparently psycho likes to sleep naked. He told her to go get his phone out of the pool or else he would show her what he is all about. He said he was in the Israeli Defense Forces and knows how to kill people and that he would kill her if she did not get his phone. He also uttered fuck America. She pretended to be asleep, very frightened. If he would have told me that I would have said, “First off mate your military service was compulsory. Second off do you have any idea who bank rolls all of your defenses? America buddy!’ Granted he was probably so high none of it would have mattered.

I keep picturing this guy going full psycho while I am singing Neil Diamond at karaoke next door.

At this point the police were called. They showed up and arrested him. That should be the end of the story but it’s not. Apparently he was released in the morning. The guy working at the hostel says he came back to check back into his room. They told him, “Mate you need to leave, you can’t stay here anymore.” He began to laugh and told them they could not do that. He was informed that yes, they could in fact could do that and they would call the police if he did not comply. He responded, “Call the police, they are my friends. We went on a walkabout last night.” He also mentioned that he wanted to brush his hair. He eventually did leave. But psycho is still out there somewhere. Hopefully he slows down and lays off the stuff he’s been taking. Never a dull moment in Darwin.

Oh, there were a bunch of American army guys at the hostel bar last night. They were cool as hell. Lucky thing for this wacko he pulled this shit after they left or else I’m sure this would be a much different story.