Suffering in Sydney

So there has been a heat wave this week and it has been hotter than hell. It got up to over 37 degrees C (100 degrees F for all my American friends). The air conditioner in the place I am staying is not really working which has resulted in me opening the window and hoping for a breeze. Definitely headed to the beach tomorrow. Planning on meeting some ladies there. The recruiting job I thought I had did not end up panning out. Something about my personality test not returning the results they were looking for. Guess they don’t want a highly driven and high energy guy! I am going to continue the job search next week and go from there. If nothing ends up happening by February I think I might go to Melbourne or way up north.

Here is a pic of me enjoying some drinks and all you can eat tacos with some friends. Notice the extensive perspiration, that restaurant was like an oven!

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