My Valentine’s Day: Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride

There are two things I really love: people and Vegas. After several trips to Vegas with friends, they began calling me the “set man.” This is because I talk to everyone at the pool. I am usually wearing a speedo or mankini. The girls really seem to love this, mostly because they are amused. The result is my single friends always end up meeting one of the girls I’ve gotten to come hang out with us. This phenomenon is not unique to Vegas. Many friends have ended up dating – or even getting married – through their connection to Jeff Landfield. This story is about two of them: Sean and Allison.

The Sean Situation

Sean and I, and a cock

I moved to Alaska in 2004 from New Mexico. Soon after I got a job as a car salesman at Cal Worthington Ford. I was on a team with five people, one of them was Sean. Sean is not the kind of person you meet and want to be friends with right away. He is a bit of an asshole. One time Sean called the main sales line and asked for me. In a disguised voice, somewhere between Iraqi and Indian, he said he had spoken to me before and was ready to buy. He said he was looking for a right hand drive Explorer. I said I’m pretty sure we don’t have those in America. He asked me to double check. I asked a co-worker, who was in on it with Sean. He told me we have some at the downtown location. I drove down there to find one. As I was browsing the lot a sales guy approached me and asked if he could help. I told him I was looking for a right hand drive Explorer. He laughed and said, “You are new, aren’t you?” On the way back I called Sean in an attempt to get even. I said I got in a car accident. He said, “Not my problem, call our manager,” and then hung up. Despite that, we actually became really good friends.

I left Cal after a year. Sean and I stayed in contact for a while but eventually lost touch. Several years go by and I run into Sean downtown one night. After catching up I mentioned I was looking for a place and a roommate, as luck would have it so was he. We started looking and eventually found a place in a 4-plex in South Anchorage. That was in early 2010. We lived in that place together for two years and had some great times. Too many to write here but let’s just say we had an awesome time. In 2012 I decided to buy a condo, which was very close to where we were living. I asked Sean if he wanted to continue being roommates and move in the condo with me. He agreed and we moved in late 2012. The good times continued. I really enjoyed what I called “ladies night.” This is where we went out to meet chicks. But all good things must come to and end. More about that later.

The Allison Situation

Allison and I at the Jim Beam Jam

I started getting interested in Alaska politics in 2010. I was attending a lot of events for work and was learning a lot about Alaska’s fiscal challenges. I ended up running for the state senate in 2012. I was always attending political events and meeting new people. At one such event I met Allison. The event was a debate watch party sponsored by a local Republican group. I spotted Allison and thought to myself, “Who is that good looking lady?” I immediately introduced myself and invited myself to join her. We had a great time chatting. When the event was over I invited her for a drink, she said yes. Things were all going to plan, or so I thought… After two drinks she told me I have had enough and to please drive her back to her car. She also informed me we would not be sleeping together. Damn.

Allison and I became very good friends after that. She became my go to partner and wingman for the Jim Beam Jam, a great party every year during Fur Rondy. She is someone I can easily talk to and she always tells me exactly what she thinks, which if you know me can sometimes be a lot to say. She ended up becoming a trusted confidant. When you are in politics it is sometimes hard to know how to talk to. You worry if you can trust them or why they are giving you certain advice. I never worried about this with Allison. She ended up becoming my communications director for my 2016 state senate campaign. Imagine being the communications director for Jeff Landfield? I was very happy I had someone like her I could always turn to.

The Meetingย 

It was a warm, early summer Saturday in Alaska. I was browsing Facebook at my condo and came across an awesome post someone shared from Craigslist. It was a giant, inflatable T-Rex at a garage sale for $50. This thing is like 8 feet tall! I knew I had to have this. I told Sean and he was as excited as I was. We quickly left so we did not miss this incredible deal. We arrived and it was still there. We made the purchase, $25 each. We decided to name him Allen. We crammed Allen into my SUV and drove home. The only way we could make it fit was to have its head sticking out of the rear window. Many children were amused as we drove home. We took Allen to the balcony and proudly displayed him for the neighborhood to see. Sean put a beer in front of him and I took a picture and posted it on Facebook announcing my awesome new dinosaur!

Soon after I posted the Allen pic I got a call from Allison. She was having a hard day and in a bad mood. She said the photo of Allen cheered her up and asked if she could come by. I said absolutely. Little did I know this would put in motion a series of events that would change Sean and Allison’s lives forever – and mine too. Allison arrived soon after we spoke. I offered her a beer and introduced her to Sean. If someone would have offered to bet me that Sean and Allison would end up together, I would have bet everything I have that they would not. They are very different people. Nevertheless the first thing I told them was, “Sean, Allison is off limits. Allison, Sean is off limits. Got it?”

After hanging out for a while I told Sean and Allison I was going to play cards. I figured they would chill out and when I got back she would be gone. I returned several hours later and was surprised to see Allison’s car was still there. I came inside and did not see them. I went upstairs and heard some activity in Sean’s room. I thought to myself, “No way!” I knocked on the door and said, “What the hell is going on in there?” They opened the door, and burst out laughing! Allison’s hair was all messed up. To this day they both insist they were just playing a joke on me.

What Happened Next

Needless to say, Sean and Allison started spending a lot of time together. This bothered me a bit. Not because I was jealous, Allison and I were just friends. But I was a little annoyed that Sean was spending more and more time with her and less and less time with me. In a very short period of time I figured out this was becoming a serious thing. A month goes by and Sean tells me he has something important he to tell me. What could it be, I thought. He told me him and Allison got engaged. After a month of meeting each other! My first thought was, “What the fuck are you talking about?” But he was serious. What could I say, even though I thought it was a bit crazy all I could do was wish both of them the best. Well another month goes by and guess what? They got married! It was a small, family event. I was kind of upset I was not invited (I still kind of am).

Well not only did I lose my “ladies night” wingman and partner, I also lost a roommate. Sean moved in with Allison. This took some getting used to. Sean and I had been roommates for over three years at this point. I joked that Allison stole him from me. To be completely honest, I gave them a 50/50 chance. I mean who gets married after only two months of knowing each other. I obviously hoped things would be great, but the logical side of me thought it was pretty crazy. After not much time of being married, Sean and Allison bought a house together. I talked to them all the time and they were both so happy. I was very happy for them. Fast forward to present day, Allison just had their first child in November. A beautiful baby girl named Elise. Uncle Jeff was the first non-family members to visit.

Me holding Elise right after she was born

Sean and Allison have an awesome marriage and are very happy together. They are starting a family and building a life together. We never know how the people we meet will impact our lives. Some have little or no impact, some have good impact and some have bad impact. I am happy that my friendships with Sean and Allison have positively impacted their lives. As bizarre of a story as it is, it truly makes for a great “how did you meet” story.

What did I get out of all of this? Well, I kept Allen!


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Cynthia Start

My sweet, sweet niece Allison, love her, SEAN & Elsie. Even thou I have not met Sean & Elsie. Love this story, thank you for posting.๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’• Aunt Cynthia


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