My first blog post! New Zealand and Australia here I come.

Well, this is my first blog post. I left Alaska a month ago and have had quite the adventure so far. I flew into LA on the red eye and spent the day with my sister and her husband, after a nice nap. I then flew to Auckland, New Zealand and spent a few days there. I really enjoyed it. I met a cool guy from Israel who just finished his compulsory military service. We spent a few days together exploring Auckland and talking about Israel and what is going on there politically. He is traveling all over SE Asia and New Zealand for 4 months. I also got a random Facebook message from a former Alaska friend. Asya and her husband Andrey lived in Alaska and are friends of friends. They recently moved to Auckland. Asya picked me up and showed me around Auckland and also took me to a cool after work meeting of expats where I met some awesome people. New Zealand is definitely a place I want to see more of.

After my brief time in Auckland I flew to Sydney. My plan was to spend some time in Sydney and then heard north and look for some fun and adventurous Aussie style work. I reserved a hostel so I had a place to go when I got here. A week of that was enough! I have stayed in plenty of hostels in my travels but being over 30 in a place full of people in their early 20’s was a bit weird. That and staying in a room with 5 other people, one who snored so bad I think he needs to see a doctor. I was able to find a place in Newtown on this website Newtown is a vibrant and hipster part of Sydney. The lady I am renting a room from has a clothing store downstairs and is a bit of a gypsy. She also loves feeding her magpies in the morning and they love waking me up. She is definitely my kind of person and a cool roommate. One thing I learned quickly about Sydney is how expensive it is. Rents are also weekly instead of monthly. Believe it or not $300 AUD a week is a good deal!

Anyway, after spending some time in Sydney and meeting some awesome people I have decided to stay and try and find a professional job. I got here right before the holidays so it was a bit slow but I managed to send my resume around. I got some good leads and am following up on them now. I hope to have a job here by the end of January. Stay tuned for more posts about my Australian holiday adventures.

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Sounds like your off to a great start.