Australia sure does have their fair share of weird animals, but no lions or tigers or bears. Contrary to the name, the koala is not a bear, it is a marsupial. Some of the bizarre animals include the kangaroo, emu, platypus, as well as all kinds of snakes and spiders. But many Aussies sure do seem to like bears, and not the animal kind…

Urban dictionary defines bear as:


I fit that description pretty well and have had no shortage of bear comments or references made back home in Alaska. But it has gone to a next level in Australia. Back home the comments came from friends or people I know. Not so much here…

I have been here a month and have 3 unique stories bear related stories.

The info booth:

When I first arrived I was staying in a place called Kings Cross. After I checked into the hostel I went for a walk to explore. I came across an information booth. I stopped to ask the guy some questions about Sydney. He was super friendly and when I told him I was from Alaska he got really excited. He said he has been there before to photograph the northern lights. He also mentioned an upcoming trip to Wyoming. Then he said, “I just love Alaskan bears.” I was 50/50 on the wildlife or the urban dictionary definition. So I asked him what kind? He said, “Your kind…” I told him he was not the first person to refer to me as a bear. He went on to tell me his husband is a bear but I am definitely his type. I think he was a bit let down when I told him I was not gay. We had a nice chat and I went on my way. I think he wanted me to stay longer.

Roommate friend #1:

My roommate in Newtown is quite the character. She has some really cool and interesting friends. Recently, one was at the house. After chatting a bit he mentioned what a cute bear I am. Here we go again. He then invited me to “Bear Night” at a local gay bar. I have since agreed to go to that. Stay tuned for that blog post.

Roommate friend #2:

Yesterday, I came home and saw a strange van parking in our spots. I looked at the guy and just figured he made a mistake or was a friend of the roommate. A bit later they came upstairs, he is a friend of hers. After a bit of chatting he also commented on my bear looks. He then added that when he saw me walking up to the place, he told the girl he was with, “Look at that big, beautiful bear!” He then showed me a picture of a bear friend of his that literally looked just like me. Apparently I fit the role well.

Why don’t ladies like bears as much as gay men do? If only that was the case. Stay tuned for the “Bear Night” post.

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