Aussie Police

So I have been down under for a month now. Of all the things I have observed here I have to say my interactions with the police stand out. First, the female police here are the very good looking! Second, the police here are very friendly and approachable. I have generally had good interactions with police in America but I would say when on duty and in the public they aren’t nearly as friendly. I once called the police in Anchorage at 1 am while at the Taco Bell drive-thru when the drunk idiot behind me slammed into my car. He could barely talk when I approached him. When the cop arrived I got out to tell him what was going on and he immediately yelled at me to freeze and get back in my car, hand on his gun. I told him that I called the police but he just got more upset. Eventually when they figured out what was going on they asked for my statement, never bothering to thank me for calling it in.

I was riding a train to Newcastle and I inadvertently sat in the “Quiet Carriage.” I did not know there was such thing. While talking to the guy next to me some ass looked at me very upset and told me to shut up so he could listen to his music. I told him to calm down. He then started rambling about the quiet carriage and got more aggressive. A very attractive female cop told him to calm down and said, “This is not the silent carriage!” She then told me to try and talk a bit quieter and proceeded to roll her eyes and said don’t worry about that guy, he’s just mad at the world.

Last night I came across 4 police officers in the street. It was a busy Friday night but they were happy to talk with me. I asked for a picture and said I would post it on my blog. The 3 female officers did not want to. One said she doesn’t want anyone drawing dicks on her face online haha! The one guy was cool and agreed, apparently he is transferring to the country next week.

I’m not sure but I think the police are generally less apprehensive here because there are far fewer guns around. I don’t blame American police, especially in states like Alaska with high gun ownership, for being apprehensive when talking to people. Police everywhere have a hard job and I respect people that become cops. Everyone in Australia just seems to be more laid back.

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