Guest Post: Safety Tips to Keep Your Home Secure While Traveling

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Please enjoy this guest post from Dylan Snyder about tips on keeping your home safe while on vacation. Dylan is a real estate agent from Florida. I appreciate his contribution to my blog.  While the frequency of home burglaries have declined in recent years, financial losses associated with completed burglaries have increased 54 percent. Thieves target personal items such a … Read More

Fraud in Australia: How Backpackers are Cheating the Government

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Rampant fraud is occurring in Australia by backpackers cheating a broken system. In order to obtain a second year visa, backpackers are required to do 88 days of farm or regional work in Australia, however, many have figured out they can get the visa another way, by lying about doing the work. A Backpackers Paradise  Australia has proven to be … Read More

Guy Loses it at Hostel Bar: The Difference Between Australian and American Policing

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So it was just another Sunday working at the hostel bar, or so I thought… The day started off like any other. I showed up before 2 pm and opened the bar. People started ordering drinks and everyone was having a nice time relaxing under the hot Darwin sun. Nearly everyone who drinks at the hostel bar are people staying … Read More

A Forgotten, and Hard to Believe, Alaska Aviation Story: The Trials of Flight 8

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I was fortunate to spend Easter in Australia with my old boss Scott at his home. I worked for Scott for almost two years in Alaska before he sold the business and moved to Australia. I liked working for Scott for many reasons, one of them was because we were able to talk aviation. Scott used to be commercial pilot … Read More

A Tale of Politics, Treachery and Sexual Harassment in Alaska

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The story below is written by Cean Stevens. In this she talks about her 2016 run for U.S. Senate as a Libertarian and the craziness that ensued. Little did she know that running for the senate would lead to a downward spiral of sexual harassment and treachery. I met Cean in 2012 when we were both running for the legislature. … Read More

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